Physical industries are untapped.

Raw materials, agriculture, industrials, supply chain and hard goods drive our economies, yet there is a glaring gap in investment. 15% of global GDP is the information sector, yet it commands over 80% of the venture investments. And among local, profitable industrials businesses, there are incredible management teams with honed products and delighted customers, who have yet to scale their business - yet to spend a single dollar on sales, business ops, strategy, recruiting. Newton Three partners with these top teams, across venture and small-cap private equity, to create the powerful, sustainable industry of tomorrow.


VC and PE under one roof.

Physical sector ventures can serve both as vendors and best practice demonstrators to SMBs as they seek to scale their powerful local businesses into efficient regional players. Fundamentally, many organizational and operational tactics can be mapped across physical industry companies that are typically invested in by separate VC or PE firms.


Domain experts will drive the future.

Molecular biologists, jet engineers, manufacturing operators - these are the key-holders to the physical future. Young companies are nothing without their outstanding teams, and we seek to enable those teams through the N3 network - we work directly with a committed group of dozens of operational, scientific and investment advisors currently and previously part of some of the biggest tech and industrial brands in the world, from Google to Bain Cap to Fermilab. If you're the lovechild of Isaac Asimov and Warren Buffett, let's chat at


Partners and builders for life.

We don't run from a fight. We pick our portfolio diligently, and seek to partner, not to own and control. Newton Three follows a tried and true process for partnership advisorship called THE METHOD, sculpted from years of executive roles, consulting, research and investments across companies ranging from Fortune 100 to small-caps, to guide teams to deliver outsized growth and lasting value in their businesses. The key is spreading best practices in organizational structure and ops, while keenly aligning with teams' vision and execution style.

We also don't shy away from building things that need to be built. If there's an opportunity we believe in that isn't being pursued, we put our hammers where our mouths are.


A taste of the thesis.