Meet our name.

Newton's Third Law of Motion ("Newton Three" or "N3" to us engineers), lies at the heart of the physical world, and at the heart of our partnership philosophy. For every action, there is an equal response - you can't create a successful endeavor without sufficient effort and motivating force.

Ironically, Newton's Third Law is also a royal pain in the backside of the space industry as it necessitates rocketry, which is fundamentally expensive. Watch out for our portfolio companies tackling this problem.


Meet our partners.


Kut Akdogan

Kut has been at the forefront of emerging technology and business ops design for over 10 years. He has founded numerous medtech and software ventures including HERO Health and Visor, and has driven topline growth and operational efficiencies at small-cap firms while managing several advisorships and incubators including Brainchild across a number of tech-enabled industries. During his time at Bain & Co., he consulted for Fortune 500 tech, media & healthcare companies, optimizing go-to-market strategy, supply chain, org structures, and decision-making processes.  LinkedIn.

Michael Tedori

Michael has more than 12 years of experience assisting venture and small-cap private companies achieve their true growth potential. Previously, Michael led venture & private equity transactions at The Gores Group, Quasar Ventures, and Blackford Capital while overseeing operations at respective portfolio companies. Michael currently drives healthcare investment efforts for Grupo Diarq, focusing on health & wellness real estate developments and Latin American emerging wellness companies. He also oversees partnerships and business development at Edamam LLC, a nutrition technology company.  LinkedIn.